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The challenges that come with working with a city or town starts with understanding the dynamics of the client. In many cases, a project is managed by an oversight committee made up of citizen volunteers. Every member takes their responsibility very seriously. However, with all good intentions aside, the old adage of what you don’t know will come back and bite you is very true in these kinds of situations. These committees need Castagna Consulting Group to guide them through the process of concept to completion and sell the project and the cost to the tax payers at the same time. All too often a budget is plucked from the sky and from there the town tries to get what they expect for an unrealistic but sellable amount.

Our philosophy starts with Designing and Building with the end in mind. Proper planning with good design and engineering principles will make for a long lasting project. But even with budget restraints, the project should still be fully designed and integrated and can be phased over time. The worst thing that could happen is to have the “Slash and Burn” mentality take over to get the number down. In the long run, the project will suffer, the municipality will not receive the project that it expected and it will ultimately cost more over the short life of an inferior product.

Transparency, Project Programming, educating the customer, making sure that the entire project process is understood, and the dynamics that it will take to make it a reality are the services that we provide our public municipal clients so they get what they envisioned for the money they can afford.

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