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With the ever-increasing fear of volatile occurrences involving chemicals, we are continually challenged by our clients in the chemical industry to design and construct a functional, yet safe facility for manufacturing, storage and distribution of chemicals.

Two major concerns are storage segregation and workflow from storage to final shipping. The building codes guide us in the successful design of these facilities. Segregation of the different classifications of chemicals provides a safe work environment. Typical hazard classifications include Flammable Solids and Liquids, Corrosives and Oxidizers, Water Reactive Flammable Solids, Toxics, and Spontaneous Combustion Materials. In these high Hazard areas we introduce three levels of fire alarm protection and suppression, including AFFF foam in the flammable liquids room and a dry chemical suppression in the water reactive material storage room

Another challenge is giving the local fire department decision-making time in the event of a chemical incident or fire. Each hazard storage room is isolated from all other rooms and operations of the facility. All the mechanical, electrical and suppression systems act independently controlled in each hazard room so that an incident can be isolated from the rest of the facility and not compromise the safety of the building. Each hazard storage room is typically “diked” to prevent any contaminated materials from escaping to the outside.

These facilities are designed with safety and accident prevention as the top priority to ensure safe and economical operations.

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